How I broke my Anime/Manhwa Addiction!!

Hey everyone, if you are a fan of manga and manhwa and don’t know how to break your addiction read the article and maybe you can find a solution!!

Photo by Guillermo Diaz on Unsplash

I have watched anime for the past 5–6 years and I started reading manhwas in this covid time only. When I first started, I was madly into it, every time I would prioritise anime and manhwa upon everything else even my school!

I was constantly nagged by my parents for being such an anime/manhwa fan because I was just doing it all day. I thought that this will problem will be gone if I watch all the anime and manhwa but trust me this is not possible!

Whenever I ended my one anime or manhwa another new one will arrive, so how to get out from this neverending circle?! Easy, just take a break for a day! The method I used was a step by step one! All you have to do is take a break from your anime/manhwa for a day and then with passing time you can increase it!

Trust me it will work as it has done for me. Now if you think you can’t live without it then guys just try once and you will realise that what all you were missing because of over watching anime and over reading manhwa!

Now a question will arise that why should we do it, I mean like I am satisfied the way I am and spending my time, right?! For students, I would like to say from my personal experience that it is really important for us. You see we are at an age where we find everything alluring and thus it’s hard for us to break away from those things. But remember one thing, that break away from those activities or people who won’t do any good to you.

We can read and watch manhwa and anime in future too when we have achieved something in life because these things will always remain on the internet but the time we have to shape our future is drifting away further from us. We have just a few years for our future but our whole life for enjoyment and entertainment so please, right now focus on your life, do something big and when you have settled down at a pace, pick your love again!

And don’t think that this writer is just saying it and doesn’t follow this advice herself because I do! And like you all I am also human, so these things attract me too. I am not asking you to cut off your ties completely but just do it in moderation. Select a day or an hour for your entertainment sake just as I do!

A little entertainment and studying, a perfect balance between them will surely help you a lot! So I hope this helped you!!

I am a content writer and blogger who wishes to learn more and expand their knowledge with the help of this platform! I hope I learn a lot!